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Empathic Interaction

When it comes to leadership, research shows that careers get derailed - read "people get fired" - because of EQ-related reasons. One study showed that most leaders get fired because they don't show vision or the ability to inspire, instill trust, or know how to motivate their people. How do leaders build trusting relationships and avoid the interpersonal approaches and behaviors that ruin their chances for genuine, sincere human-to-human connections?

Check in with at least one person by asking them about themselves in a direct and attentive manner. Follow this three-step formula as a guide to engaging in a high EQ way: Step 1: a preamble  Step 2: an open ended question  Step 3: an empathic close.

1) Begin with a Preamble - for example: "I remember you mentioned having trouble figuring out a creative solution to a client of yours who was unhappy with the product."
2) Then Ask an open-ended question (not a yes or no question): "What did you end up doing with them?" (rather than "did it go alright?") Give the person time to answer and pay attention to their response. Ask another question if it feels right.
3) Then Close with an empathic response: perhaps something like "I'll bet that situation kept you up a night or two with worry. It was a tough one."

Relationship Ruiners: Dynamics of Leader Derailment

January 11, 2012

High EQ leaders know that building and maintaining good relationships is key to making it in business (and the rest of life too). Successful leaders are the ones who know how to leverage these relationships to get work done through others, bring in new clients and keep old ones satisfied. But what if someone on your team is a “relationship ruiner”? Even worse, what if that person is you? The doctor is in on this eye-opening episode of LEI as host Esther Orioli and her featured guest Dr. Melanie Greenberg bring you a 50-minute session on assessing how good you are at developing relationships, finding out where your team is most vulnerable and the five most common traits of people who torpedo interpersonal connections.





This Week's Guest
Dr. Melanie Greenberg
Dr. Melanie Greenberg
Dr. Greenberg is a practicing clinical and health psychologist, national speaker, and author. Her approach integrates behavioral and complementary medicine with positive psychology. She has published more than 50 scientific articles and book chapters, presented symposia at national conferences, and served on the editorial boards of the prestigious journals Health Psychology and Annals of Behavioral Medicine.