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Ideal For:
  • • Leadership Development
  • • Emotional Intelligence Classes
  • • Sales Trainings
  • • Off-site Learning
  • • One-On-One Coaching

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Pinpoints individual strengths and vulnerabilities and detects burnout zones in just 15 minutes.

Essi Systems' StressMap®

Essi Systems' StressMap is the preeminent self-scoring stress assessment tool that assesses your stress level, evaluates your ability to cope with stress, and suggests methods for dealing with stress effectively. Completed in as little as 15 minutes, StressMap helps chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance.

StressMap includes a comprehensive questionnaire, scoring grid, interpretation guide and action-planning worksheets so you can easily measure your pressures, changes and satisfactions; identify your stress strengths and vulnerabilities; and target areas for improvement in your personal and professional life.

StressMap Features
  • • Scientifically based - extensively researched, norm-tested and statistically reliable
  • • Online format - easy to use and can be completed in minutes
  • • Automated - scores and analyzes results immediately and automatically
  • • Results-oriented - archives results for easy retrieval and pre- and post-comparisons
  • • Module - can be used as part of an existing health program or as a standalone assessment tool

StressMap Benefits
  • • Enhances personal health and overall performance
  • • Helps you take control of your stress and your life
  • • Measures stress strengths and vulnerabilities so you can focus on areas of improvement
  • • Identifies coping assets and liabilities to develop better skills and strategies
  • • Targets areas for improvement