"New research has produced strong evidence of how work stress is linked to the biological mechanisms involved in the onset of heart disease."

--Science Daily, January 2008

Ideal For:
  • • Health & Wellness programs
  • • Cardiovascular risk reduction
  • • Employee Assistance Programs
  • • Resiliency programs
  • • Initiatives to reduce medical and employee prescription drug costs
  • • Expanded benefits packages
  • • Use in conjunction with HRAs and other risk efforts
  • • Individual sessions with occupational therapists or health nurses

Even high-functioning companies can transform themselves into world-class organizations with Essi Systems EQCI.

OSM Features for Employers and Employees

OSM Features for Employers

OSM gives employers the tools they need to measure their teams', departments' and organizations' stress levels in order to design customized interventions, and then to track the impact and overall effectiveness of the effort. As a stand-alone tool, OSM doesn't require time away from the job or the cost of face-to-face training. OSM offers:

  • • Scalability from 10 to 100,000 employees -- ideal for large workforces
  • • Aggregated risk analysis through Stress Mapping
  • • Creation of organizational markers for baseline and internal data reports
  • • Customized programs for different employee groups
  • • Online "dashboards" that can include company-specific dates and information
  • • Confidential data packaged into statistically reliable reporting and measurement tools
  • • Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual usage reports

OSM Features for Employees

With OSM, employees engineer their own behavior breakthroughs using Essi Systems' proprietary 21-Day Rule™ Method of Behavior Change. OSM provides each employee with a 12 month-subscription to 21 Day Club™ and includes:

  • • Unlimited access to StressMap® and measurement tools to determine risk levels
  • • Unlimited access to the Change Center to create new healthy habits at their own pace
  • • Daily tips and reminders via e-mail
  • • Daily journals to track progress
  • • Personalized online intervention dashboards
  • • Online stress management mini-courses
  • • Video coaching and instruction
  • • A completely confidential and data-secure experience