"Stressed workers incur annual health care costs that are $600 more per person than non-stressed workers, the personal, professional and economic impacts of the work stress epidemic."


Ideal For:
  • • Health & Wellness programs
  • • Cardiovascular risk reduction
  • • Employee Assistance Programs
  • • Resiliency programs
  • • Initiatives to reduce medical and employee prescription drug costs
  • • Expanded benefits packages
  • • Use in conjunction with HRAs and other risk efforts
  • • Individual sessions with occupational therapists or health nurses

Keep employees engaged and motivated to help decrease HR costs and increase productivity.

Are you looking for ways to keep your people healthy and prevent stress-related illnesses?

Prevention truly is the best medicine. If you can stop your employees from indulging in unhealthy behaviors, keep them healthy and engaged, and motivate them to do their best at work while preventing burnout, they are less likely to cost your company in hard HR costs - and more indirect costs such as absenteeism, turnover and lowered productivity.

Based on the latest in brain science research, Essi Systems' Online Stress Mastery System for Business (OSM)™ is a proven, interactive online program. OSM helps your employees cope more effectively with on-the-job distress, develop new healthy behaviors, and increase personal and job satisfaction.

With OSM, employees engineer their own behavior breakthroughs using Essi Systems' proprietary 21-Day Rule™ Method of Behavior Change. OSM provides each employee with a 12 month-subscription to 21 Day Club™.