"But if depression and stress are the number one chronic health conditions in the workplace, the cost of educating an employee how to deal with that depression and stress will be offset by the greater productivity and loyalty of an employee who is not depressed and stressed."

--The Littler Report
Employer Mandated Wellness Initiatives: 2007-2008

Ideal For:
  • • Health & Wellness programs
  • • Cardiovascular risk reduction
  • • Employee Assistance Programs
  • • Resiliency programs
  • • Initiatives to reduce medical and employee prescription drug costs
  • • Expanded benefits packages
  • • Use in conjunction with HRAs and other risk efforts
  • • Individual sessions with occupational therapists or health nurses


A cost-effective, interactive program to help employees take control of their stress.

Essi Systems' Online Stress Mastery - Build a Resilient Workforce

Keeping your workforce healthy and promoting good stress management is crucial to your organization's bottom line. It affects healthcare costs, stress claims, absenteeism and a variety of other factors that affect productivity.

Essi Systems' Online Stress Mastery System (OSM)™ is a high-quality, interactive program to help your people take control of their stress. OSM tracks and measures the impact of the program by providing baseline and interval data reports on employee stress levels. And OSM is effective as either a standalone program or when it's integrated into your overall incentive and Employee Assistance Programs.

Essi Systems' proprietary online tool is interactive, highly confidential and secure - and a cost-effective way to reach every employee in your workforce at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite training or health and wellness programs.