What Stress is:

the rate of wear and tear on your physical, mental and emotional self as you respond to the people, places and things in your life.

That’s it. That’s the definition of stress. Doesn’t sound too scary. Should be easy enough to manage, right?

Except that stress is not the same for all people. Not in the words they use, the experiences they perceive or the reactions they have. And when left untreated stress accumulates in the body and can impair one’s health and ability to function.

Symptoms of poor stress management:

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, apathy, high blood pressure, obesity, poor eating habits, poor fitness habits, heart problems, smoking, trouble concentrating, being accident prone, withdrawing from others, lashing out in anger, alcohol or drug abuse

Stress costs American companies $300 billion annually…


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in medical healthcare, employee illness and disability, and loss of bottom line profitability. Why? Because stress is often the main driver behind lowered productivity, costly miscalculations, and interpersonal blunders. Further, symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, drinking and smoking, taking an incredible toll on employee well-being and engagement. So what’s an organization to do about stress?

Organizational stress: The Bottom Line

When it comes to taking employees from burnout to resilience, Essi Systems knows the road ... (more)

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When it comes to taking employees from burnout to resilience, Essi Systems knows the road. For over 30 years we've provided human capital solutions, focused on stress and resiliency that reduce healthcare costs and improve employee performance and engagement.

Essi Systems’ Stress and Resiliency Solutions

Essi offers a proven, research -based system designed to help companies target employee stress and build workplace resiliency… (more)

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*Our SaaS technology platform, trainings, webinars and leadership programs provide individual and organizational assessment and continuous self-improvement tools so every employee can measure and manage their individual stressors and build energy, health and performance. Our statistically reliable assessments and analytics directly measure hard-to-gauge factors, like stress, resiliency and emotional intelligence, so companies can pinpoint hotspots and target improvements to decrease healthcare costs and increase work engagement.