"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

--Warren G. Bennis

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Even high-functioning companies can transform themselves into world-class organizations with Essi Systems EQCI.

EQCI Features

EQCI is an exclusive 15- to 18-week program available to only a few CEOs, board members and executive teams each year. EQCI uses the latest concepts in emotional intelligence, brain science research and 25 years of hands-on experience with leaders of global organizations. Executives get the tools they need to create breakthrough behavior change at every level.

EQCI includes:

  • Formal kickoff launch - a full or half day emotional intelligence or leadership change program delivered personally by Esther M. Orioli, M.S. E.D., a pioneer and recognized expert in the field of emotional intelligence and leadership development, creator of EQ Map®, EQCI™ and the 21-Day Rule® behavior change technology.
  • EQ Map Online - an extensively researched, statistically reliable assessment to measure emotional intelligence in individuals and organizations
  • 3 rounds of 21-Day Rule® Behavior Change and Performance Initiative
  • Team Map - a sophisticated team mapping technology designed to create composite scoring grids
  • Pre-post testing and evaluation
  • 12 month subscription to 21 Day Club® - an interactive, online personal improvement service with proven, step-by-step technology for making behavior changes that last
  • Executive coaching for each team member - 30 minutes of coaching per week for each member of the team during the 21 Day Behavior Change rounds
  • Team Retrospective - a half day program at the conclusion of the workshop