"The reasons for losing customers and clients are 70% EQ-related"

-Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies

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A proven program for leaders to manage organizational chaos, motivate workforces and build trust.

EQCI Benefits

Taking a company from good to exceptional is a herculean task for any business executive, and leadership is essential for creating a high trust organization to ensure a successful transformation. Essi Systems' EQCI program unifies leadership and brings about change to create a high-functioning , world-class company.

  • • Increases executives' energy and effectiveness under pressure
  • • Builds trusting relationships and good communication across teams
  • • Promotes ethical accountability and personal responsibility
  • • Fosters innovation, creativity and risk-taking
  • • Enables constructive discontent so that core team issues can be addressed without jeopardizing established relationships
  • • Embeds a consistent, proven model of behavior change at every level