21 Day Club is ideal for:
  • • Emotional intelligence & leadership development programs
  • • Health and wellness programs
  • • Executive coaching
  • • Stress management and workforce resiliency programs
  • • Initiatives to reduce prescription drug costs
  • • Use in conjunction with HRAs and other risk efforts
  • • Individual sessions with occupational therapists or health nurses

21 Day Club® with 1 Map:
$149 ea. (12 mo. subscription)

21 Day Club®
Includes: EQ Map

21 Day Club®

Includes: Stress Map

21 Day Club®

Includes: Resiliency Map

21 Day Club® with 2 Maps:
$179 ea. (12 mo. subscription)

21 Day Club®

Includes: StressMap & EQ Map

21 Day Club®

21 Day Club®

Includes: EQ Map, & Resiliency Map

21 Day Club® with 3 Maps:
$199 ea. (12 mo. subscription)

21 Day Club®

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Habit creation eTools
for leadership, EQ,
health and wellness.

21 Day Club - EssiSystem's award winning proven change process.

What would you change? For yourself? For your people?

Whether it's increasing team cohesiveness and innovation or reducing absenteeism and managing problem performers, 21 Day Club gives you the tools you need to help employees make significant behavior changes that directly impact the bottom line.
21 Day Club
is a habit-creation eTool designed to make self-improvement easy
and sustainable.

Featuring statistically reliable personal assessments, a step-by-step behavior change program and reminders to keep you on track, 21 Day Club gives users what they need to improve their scores, develop new behaviors, and increase personal and job satisfaction. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes a day to get proven, measurable results.


Use 21 Day Club® for:

better leaders make better teamsLeadership and Emotional Intelligence
Better leaders make better teams - groom and grow your people with EQ Map® in 21 Day Club. Get measurable, sustainable, bottom-line results.


  • » Develop and apply EQ within your team or organization
  • » Evaluate and motivate performance based on behaviors
  • » Increase trust with clients, colleagues and employees
  • » Incite innovation and vision in your people
  • » Bring intentionality to your decisions and actions


resilient teamsHealth and Wellness
Healthy habits don't have to be a pain. Build your team's resiliency, promote self-care, and build stress mastery with Resiliency Map®.. Lower your company's health care costs with 21 Day Club.


  • » Increase your team’s adaptability, resiliency and performance
  • » Address stress, weight management and fitness with a behavioral model
  • » Decrease cardiovascular risk in your organization
  • » Promote positive outlook and direct action
  • » Use for health promotion and disease prevention efforts


Rock your world! Take action with 21 Day Club and tackle the things you want to change in just 5 minutes a day.


  • » Develop new healthy habits to manage your weight and get fit
  • » Become a better money manager
  • » Increase your adaptability
  • » Master stress and control anger
  • » Create stronger relationships with your spouse, family, and friends
  • » Make time for yourself
  • » Reach any goal one new behavior at a time

"21 Day Club goes beyond traditional change programs to give members a process to build skills and habits they can use to live with appreciation, respect, awareness and joy."
— Esther M. Orioli, CEO, Essi Systems and creator of 21 Day Rule® and 21 Day Club

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