"I was nervous about putting on any training session for a cynical, seen-it-all, set of department heads. Essi Systems came through with an EQ/Leadership format. Most participants indicated it was the most helpful session they had been to in years."

---Val Alexeeff, Director
Policy and Innovation Institute, Contra Costa County

Ideal For:
  • • Trainers
  • • Consultants
  • • Coaches
  • • Facilitators
  • • Organization Development Practitioners
  • • Executive Development Professionals
  • • Team-Builders
  • • Educators
  • • Counselors

Program Fees for Distance Learning Certification:
$2,500 USD

Learn how to deliver state-of-the-art programs on stress, resiliency, or emotional intelligence in a workplace setting with Essi Systems' certified instructor distance learning programs.



Join the more than 500 Essi certified instructors worldwide

Distance Learning - – Essi Systems' Stress, Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence Certification Programs

Kickstart your professional training and facilitation efforts

Are you spending too many hours designing your own programs? Do you wish you could snap your fingers and have a training model that works? Would you prefer not to take days away from the office for lengthy training sessions? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then Essi Systems' Distance Learning program is for you.

Essi's comprehensive eight-hour stress, resiliency and emotional intelligence workshops (expandable to 22 hours) have taken the guesswork out of creating programs that work. The program teaches you how to implement capacity-generating work structures and practices that can drive your competitive advantage and sustainable profitability.

Successful completion of the Distance Learning curriculum authorizes you as a certified instructor in Essi's "Stress Mastery,” "Building Resiliency" or "Mapping and Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work" programs. The certification facilitator's manuals provide you with everything you need to deliver state-of-the-art programs in a workplace setting.

Distance Learning Certification Program Package includes:
  • » Instructional Review of Facilitator's Guide via four webinar sessions with Essi Master Trainer to walk you through the details of the Facilitator's Manual, help you fine-tune your exercises, customize your program and prepare and debrief you before and after your workshop delivery.
  • » Certification Facilitator's Manual with:
    • • Step-by-step instructors' guide
    • • CD with PowerPoint slides
    • • Fully-designed participant fieldbook for instructor duplication and distribution to course participants
    • • "Implementing your Program" section that contains sample letters of invitation
    • • Tips for Trainers section on planning and customizing your course deliveries
    • • Technical manual for StressMap®, EQ Map® or Resiliency Map® and other support materials

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