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Essi Systems' EQ Map Helps Employees Build Emotional Intelligence to Boost Performance, Creativity and Success

Businesses benefit from employee productivity, effectiveness and innovation

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - June 9, 2009 - Essi Systems®, Inc., the expert in emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership assessment services and solutions, introduced EQ Map® Online, an electronic version of its statistically reliable EQ Map assessment tool that measures 20 distinct emotional intelligence factors in the workplace.

"EQ Map Online assesses a person's EQ strengths and vulnerabilities and pinpoints areas that can enhance their EQ leadership and performance even under pressure," said Esther M. Orioli, Essi Systems' CEO and author of EQ Map. "The factors in EQ Map Online are directly tied to the three driving forces of competitive advantage that were developed by me and Robert K. Cooper, co-author of Executive EQ. These forces are one's ability to increase energy and attention under pressure; ones' capacity for building trusting relationships with colleagues, clients, stakeholders and communities; and one's ability to sense and pursue opportunities for creating the future."

EQ Map measures emotional awareness, emotional fitness, emotion and energy management, social and interpersonal interactions, and behavioral indices of performance and relationships of all sorts. EQ Map provides a landscape of one's emotional intelligence plotting a person's skills, beliefs, attitudes and values using a whole person approach.

EQ Map Online

EQ Map Online is a norm-tested and statistically reliable tool that measures emotional intelligence in an adult workplace population. Unlike a test, EQ Map is a multidimensional assessment that helps the user to discover the many facets that make up personal emotional intelligence and its relationship to performance, creativity and success. It is self-administered, confidential, and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. It permanently archives results for easy access, and is reusable to assess improvement over time. EQ Map Online is ideal for leadership development, emotional intelligence classes, sales trainings, off-site learning and one-on-one coaching.

EQ Map includes the EQ Map Questionnaire that assesses a person's emotional intelligence; the EQ Map Scoring Grid that visually maps their personal profile so they can see their strengths and vulnerabilities; and the EQ Map Interpretation Guide that provides details and recommendations for changing performance.

"The brightest people are not always the most successful," said Ms. Orioli. "The best leaders know how to integrate their cognitive intellect with their emotional intelligence for wise decision making. EQ Map Online measures the many dimensions of emotional intelligence and has helped tens of thousands of executives, professionals and employees to enhance their performance and creativity for greater success in the workplace."

About Essi Systems

Essi Systems, Inc. is a management consulting company offering stress, resiliency, emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership solutions to organizations worldwide. Essi Systems uses behavior change and mapping technologies, brain science research, and 25 years of experience to deliver scientifically tested, results-based, scalable products and services that increase employee productivity, motivation and satisfaction; reduce corporate costs; and help employees and companies achieve exceptional growth and performance.

Essi Systems' solutions are used by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in 30 countries. For information on the company and its services, visit

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