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Essi Systems' EQCI Program Uses Emotional Intelligence and Behavior Change to Unify Leadership and Create World-Class Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - June 2, 2009 - Essi Systems® Inc., the expert in emotional intelligence and leadership assessment services and solutions, has launched Essi Systems' Emotional Intelligence Change Initiative (EQCI)™, a top-level program for business leaders to manage organizational chaos, motivate diverse workforces, and build trust with clients and shareholders.

"Billions of dollars are invested annually by companies to create the right structures, processes and business priorities, but obstacles hampering business growth continue to persist," said Esther M. Orioli, Essi Systems' CEO, author of EQ Map® and creator of the EQCI program. "That's where EQCI can really make a difference. It is based on the premise that it is human behavior and interactional systems, rather than operational structures that often stand in the way of success."

EQCI addresses the critical needs of executives to transform companies from good to exceptional. The program utilizes the latest concepts in emotional intelligence, brain science research, and 25 years of hands-on experience with global business leaders. The initiative is of short duration and identifies business growth inhibitors and performance obstacles. It gives executives the tools they need to create breakthrough behavior change at every level with immediate results. EQCI is scalable and iterative, supports the development of future initiatives, and affects change at every level through the management chain.

EQCI helps executives gain personal insight and a working understanding of emotional intelligence for leadership in business. EQCI:

  • » Increases executives' energy and effectiveness under pressure
  • » Builds trusting relationships and good communication across teams
  • » Promotes ethical accountability and personal responsibility
  • » Fosters innovation, creativity and agile decision-making for continued competitive advantage
  • » Enables constructive discontent so that core team issues can be addressed without jeopardizing established relationships
  • » Embeds a consistent, proven model of behavior change at every level
  • » Sanctions a sustainable legacy of leadership within the corporate culture

EQCI includes an aggregate profiling of participants as well as a post-initiative comparison using Essi Systems' EQ Team Mapping® process. Personal CEO and executive coaching are conducted on a one-on-one basis throughout the initiative allowing each leader to confidentially address personal performance improvements and obstacles to growth.

"Cohesive, strong EQ leadership is essential for creating a high trust organization to ensure a successful progression from good to exceptional," said Ms. Orioli. "Essi Systems' EQCI program unifies leadership and brings about change to create high-functioning, world-class companies."

Team Map

Team Map® is a unique profiling system designed to help companies achieve organizational training, leadership and employee development goals. Team Map links metrics to organizational imperatives and critical success factors, takes the guesswork out of planning programs, and establishes baseline indicators.

EQ Map

EQ Map is a norm-tested and statistically reliable tool that measures emotional intelligence in an adult workplace population. Unlike a test, EQ Map is a multidimensional assessment that helps the user to discover the many facets that make personal emotional intelligence and its relationship to performance, creativity and success.

About Essi Systems

Essi Systems, Inc. is a management consulting company offering stress, resiliency, emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership solutions to organizations worldwide. Essi Systems uses behavior change and mapping technologies, brain science research, and 25 years of experience to deliver scientifically tested, results-based, scalable products and services that increase employee productivity, motivation and satisfaction; reduce corporate costs; and help employees and companies achieve exceptional growth and performance.

Essi Systems' solutions are used by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in 30 countries. For information on the company and its services, visit

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