Esther M. Orioli
President and CEO

Esther Orioli - President and CEOEsther Orioli is Founder, President and CEO of Essi Systems, Inc. An accomplished innovator, author, consultant, researcher, speaker and radio show host, she is a recognized authority in leadership, emotional intelligence, stress, resiliency and behavior change.

Esther is the creator of a series of statistically reliable adult assessments including EQ Map®, the premier assessment for emotional intelligence in business, StressMap®, honored with the National Health Information Award, and Resiliency MapĀ® used as the foundation for training programs by hundreds of companies including 3M, ARCO and the US Army. As CEO of Essi Systems, Orioli spearheaded the effort to create new web-based coaching and behavior change SaaS platforms featuring her subscription-based, habit-creation eTools called 21 Day Club. These behavior change mechanisms have been used extensively to learn new skills, change bad habits and develop needed competencies for leaders and managers. Early adopters included the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Kaiser Permanente and The Apollo Group.

Her scientific studies and independent research on stress, health and wellness, have been published by the American Psychological Association and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Her work in emotional intelligence has been published by the Consortium of Research for Emotional Intelligence and her findings have been featured in many newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Men's Health, Selling Power, and Success.

Esther is the host of Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Voice America Business' insightful and entertaining internet radio show. Esther provides the very best in practical application tools and techniques for leaders of all types who want to lead by example in this LIVE program format.

She has served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, the California Chamber Committee on Small Business, and currently serves as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Member of the Board of Directors with The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

Esther received a Masters of Science in Adult Education from Marywood College and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the State University of New York.