"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. "

G. Bennis

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Leadership is the difference between a high-functioning organization and one that is truly world-class.

Do you want to take your organization from good to exceptional?

What's the difference between a high-functioning organization, and one that is truly world-class? Often the answer does not lie in their products, their structure or their market positions. It's their leadership.

Exceptional leaders elicit greatness in their people, inspire their confidence and rally them to a common vision. When executives lead with integrity and from the heart, their people line up behind them, eager to bring their own best selves to the work.

Based on Essi Systems' proprietary 21-Day Rule™ Method of Behavior Change, EQCI features pre- and post- program EQ Map® assessment, aggregate profiling of the executive team, and personal CEO and executive coaching. Success of EQCI is evaluated against organizational markers which stand as the cornerstone of the program, as well as North American corporate benchmarks. The initiative is scalable and iterative: EQCI identifies areas of need, supports design and development of future initiatives, and cascades through management tiers to effect change at every level.