"We know that leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a greater need for effective leadership."

--John Kotter
Management author

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Even high-functioning companies can transform themselves into world-class organizations with Essi Systems EQCI.

Is your senior staff struggling with change?

Executives face a particularly difficult challenge when their organizations are subject to economic distress, mergers, reorganizations and conflict. Leaders must inspire their people to get on the same page, quell their fears, and provide them with the vision and the means to move forward.

Creating the future requires that leaders have the ability to see opportunities in the midst of chaos, use their past experiences to plot new paths, and develop better ways of serving their clients.

Based on Essi Systems' proprietary 21-Day Rule™ Method of Behavior Change, EQCI features pre- and post- program EQ Map® assessment, aggregate profiling of the executive team, and personal CEO and executive coaching. Success of EQCI is evaluated against organizational markers which stand as the cornerstone of the program, as well as North American corporate benchmarks. The initiative is scalable and iterative: EQCI identifies areas of need, supports design and development of future initiatives, and cascades through management tiers to effect change at every level.